Maximizing Crypto Mining Asset Utilization and Up-time through Automation

It’s no secret that cloud computing customers expect 100% up-time from the cloud computing resources they’re paying for. It’s one of the primary reasons for choosing cloud based systems over investing in your own hardware and systems. The same is true for mining facility customers. While 100% up-time seems simple enough from the customer perspective in actual practice there are many potential points of failure which are outside the control of the provider. Crypto mining hardware is often operating at 100% (or more…) of it’s designed capacity leaving no margin for error. When failure inevitably occurs angry phone calls ensue and oftentimes the best a mining facility can do is dispatch a technician to service or replace the miner requiring hours or even days and potentially expensive overtime. Modern data centers mitigate this by providing high availability systems with automated fail-over so in the event of a failure the resource can fail-over to another system, virtually eliminating down-time for the customer.

Automated fail-over is a must have for ensuring high up-time and a good experience for mining customers. While this isn’t a new idea it’s still not widely used in crypto mining facilities. Automated fail-over is a feature that all crypto mining customers should expect from a professional cloud mining service provider.

Mining facility operators may wonder what impact automated fail-over has on asset utilization? At first glance automated fail-over appears to involve having extra equipment standing by idle. Equipment sitting idle isn’t fully utilized right? Not necessarily! Actually this is an ideal system for mining facilities because they typically have their own internal miners mining for them which with automated fail-over and provisioning (such as that provided by Stratumsphere) can quickly and seamlessly take over for the failed miner and then immediately switch back to your mining pool when the issue is addressed, all without human intervention. This is the best of both worlds: maximizing up-time to the customer while also maximizing utilization for mining facilities. There is also an added benefit of avoiding middle-of-the-night angry phone calls from customers and the associated after hours service call dispatches and overtime.

Stratumsphere further increases utilization with automated provisioning and deprovisioning which means billing for rental or co-location customers can be automated and miners can be provisioned automatically by the system when payment is received and when the contract expires (or the customer fails to pay) the miner will automatically be deprovisioned or go back to mining for you.

This also means you can easily offer short term, and potentially more profitable, rental contracts because the labor and time involved in billing, provisioning, and deprovisioning is now automated and near instantaneous. You also win because you can adjust your rental rates based on availability and market conditions because you aren’t locked into a long term contract that was sold at a low rate during poor market conditions.

Automation of billing, provisioning, deprovisioning, and fail-over are just a few of the many features found on Stratumsphere. Come check us out at

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